In Piazza Libertà, the RTE Group project in anticipation of BID23ART

Exploring the transformative potential of an urban space through an object: this is the purpose of the "Seed Mirror" installation in the former Sala Tripcovich area in Piazza della Libertà in Trieste, which is generating a lot of curiosity among citizens.

"This is an urban planning study," says architect Caterina Rosso, a young entrepreneur from RTE Group and project manager for "Seed," revealing the synergy with the Biennale Internazionale Donna BID23ART, scheduled from October 28 to January 7 at Magazzino 26. "It aims to imagine possible future scenarios for this important place, which could acquire significant relevance in the coming years due to its strategic location at the entrance to the city and the Porto Vecchio, a passage point for tourists arriving from the train station and bus terminal, as well as the nearby parking lot."

"Seed Mirror" as an object possesses high aesthetic value, which alone makes it attractive; its reflective surfaces arouse curiosity and engagement, encouraging interaction with passersby, citizens, and tourists.

"The module is the result of the creative and technological research of our team of professionals," explains Caterina Rosso, "to interpret and define the emotions of living, balancing function and aesthetics, with a particular focus on sustainability and the reduction of polluting emissions."

The initiative was conceived and realized by architect Šeherzada Ahmetović, President of the Biennale Internazionale Donna, in co-organization with the Municipality of Trieste, in anticipation of BID23ART. "Seed Mirror" will be an "object" capable of telling a story and, at the same time, outlining a future vision of how to live in the city and inhabit spaces. It will be the starting point for exploring new perspectives through targeted events dedicated to urban regeneration, with the aim of contributing to the cultural and aesthetic renewal of Trieste, promoting dialogue between architecture, art, and the community.

RTE Group is the holding company that brings together various expressions of the entrepreneurial inclination of the Rosso family, active for over 50 years. The core business is construction, with a strong focus on technological innovation, training, diversification, and gender equality. It is from this vision that the "Seed" project originated, following the suggestion to "transform imagination into reality."

RTE Group Press Office / Federica Zar