BID23ART is promoted and managed by the International Women's Biennial Association APS, which reserves the right to rule on any matter related to the Biennial exhibition and its open call to artists, those governed and not by these entry requirements. The Association BID (Biennale Internazionale Donna) is the organizer of BID23ART to take place from mid-October to mid-December 2023 at Magazzino 26 in Trieste, Italy.


The BID23ART “call for artists” is open to women artists of any nationality and of any age, who work in the following mediums: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, installation, and performance. Local, national, and international artists are encouraged to apply. The selection of works to be included in the exhibition will be made by a jury of experts chaired by the BID23ART guest curator.


Magazzino 26, viale Miramare, Trieste, Italy. Located in the old harbor area of Trieste, Magazzino 26 is a recently renovated nineteenth-century industrial building, which today houses cultural initiatives and exhibitions. Its venue provides an exhibition space of 950 square meters for BID23ART. For more details on the venue, please visit BID web site at


Respirare con il mondo / Breathing with the World
The theme of this years exhibition refers to a poetic image by Rainer Maria Rilke, from one of his Sonnets to Orpheus (1923). Concerned with the relationship of art and poetry to life, Rilke sought to show poetry’s power to transmute problems of existence and to justify reality.

This group show aims to explore the multiple ways in which contemporary women artists innovatively interrogate their relationship to the world, in its broadest sense, where the outer world is closely intertwined with the inner one. “Breathing”, with its ability to inspire us, suggests a movement of openness toward unexplored ways of connecting with the world. Hence the world may be explored as a temporal and spatial dimension, as a social and cultural dimension, as a natural dimension in which all living beings are part — where we no longer look at the world through an exclusive anthropocentric approach but with the awareness of being just one of the myriad forms of life which inhabit it and which we need to respect.

Breath, invisible poem!
Pure space of the world, with our being
Endlessly exchanged. Counterweight
In which my rhythm is enacted.
Unique wave of which I from time to time am the sea;
Space that is conquered.
How many parts of these spaces were already within me

This biennale aims to bring together a wide range of visions across generations, cultural backgrounds and a variety of media. Historically a crossroads of “passages” and encounters, a city animated by the wide “breath” of the sea, Trieste seems the ideal place for this exhibition which, poetically evoking the theme of élan vital (the intuitive perception of experience and the flow of inner time), intends to celebrate the creative power of transformation and the ability of art to express hope in the future while simultaneously investigating dimensions of ambivalence, criticality and uncertainty.


Each artist may submit for consideration of the jury up to three works related to the theme of BID23ART described above under “Theme”. All work must have been completed within the past five years (2019-2023) and not previously exhibited in the BID/ART Biennale. In order to submit your work please fill out the online SUBMISSION FORM

Please note that you will be asked to:
Step 1. Enter personal information and pay the submission fee
Step 2. Upload materials to be submitted for the selection process

The two steps can be completed in two different moments.

Failure to comply with the above-listed 2 steps is grounds for exclusion.
The submission fee is not refundable.


The artist must fill out the online form, providing the following information and materials:
- Name, date of birth, place of birth, address, email, telephone number; 

Payment fees
Early submission deadline: by March 31, 2023 23:59 CET (Central European Time) - 45 euros
Late submission period: from April 1, 2023 and no later than May 16, 2023 23:59 CET (Central European Time) - 80 euros

Payment can be made by:

Online payment

Bank Transfer
Beneficiary: International Women's Biennial
Crediting account: IT 12A08 92802201010000045548 
Branch: TRIESTE 

In person
By appointment, at the Secretariat of the Biennale Internazionale Donna Association
Biennale Internazionale Donna - Via San Giorgio 1 - 34123, Trieste (TS), Italy
Appointments can be made by email at .

Checks are not accepted

Step 1 is completed by reading and signing acceptance of the "rules" and "privacy" forms.


Biography and Portfolio
Brief biography (text of max. 3,500 characters spaces included; the file must be in PDF format only and named as follows: Last-Name-Bio). The biography must be provided in Italian and in English (in the same PDF file). For non-Italian speaking artists, the English text will suffice;
Portfolio of previous works (max. 6 images in JPG format, 72 dpi, 2MO maximum).
No more than 3 works can be proposed for consideration.

The following materials must be submitted for each work that you wish to propose for consideration:

Caption of the work
(artist name, title, date, medium, size, credit line)

Artist statement
including a description of the proposed work and the aspects of the work that, in the artist’s view, resonate with the theme of BID23ART

Images of the work in high resolution
(image files at 350 dpi at 240 x 150 mm upright; RGB tiff files or jpegs files only). If the work is selected for exhibition, one among the images provided at the time of submission will be included in the exhibition catalogue.

In the case of video works and performance works submitted to the Call to Artists, please submit a link to view them.

Each image file must be renamed according to the following format: Lastname-File01, Lastname-File02, Lastname-File03.

Images of the Work(s) must be uploaded to the online portal no later than May 16, 2023 23:59 CET (Central European Time).

Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

By accepting, and filling out the online form you express your consent to the processing of your data.

All images of works selected by the jury for exhibition may be used by the organization for press and promotional or advertising purposes of the event, including in the BID23ART catalogue, on the BIDART website, on social networks or for any other use that BID deems useful for promotion.


A jury of experts with the supervision of a guest curator, to be announced on April 8, 2023, reserves the right to select the works that will be included in the exhibition, in line with the theme and the rules of BID23ART. The criteria of evaluation are the quality of the work under consideration and its relation to the theme of BID23ART.

Each artist will be informed by email of the outcome of the selection by June 30 2023.

Delivery and collection of works:

The selected artists will be asked to fill out the form regarding the delivery and collection of the works. The artist agrees to exhibit the original work, which must be already prepared for installation according to the technical description indicated in the application form. The proposed work that will be selected by the jury, cannot be in any way different from the presentation materials (photographs, description) submitted for submission. Works may not include elements not indicated in the application form (frames, supports, etc).

BID reserves the right not to exhibit works that do not comply with the previously described characteristics.
Works must be delivered in person or sent by courier in a suitable reusable packaging for return, at the expense and risk of the participant. Works must be accompanied by the completed work delivery form in triplicate: one copy must be pasted on the packaging, one will be kept by the deliverer, and one will serve as a receipt for later pickup of the work.
It is recommended that the artist's First and Last Name be written on the packaging in clearly visible letters.
BID will treat the packaging with care in order to reuse it at the end of the exhibition for the return of the work.
Works must be received at the specified locations, dates and times that will be indicated with a communication via email to each selected individual artist.
It is strongly recommended to respect the delivery directions.
Since porterage is not provided, each artist will have to make their own arrangements for on-site/warehouse storage of the work.

It is also requested to write on the back of the WORK, the following data:

Name of the artist
Title of the work
Brief description of the work (materials, date, size)
Contact information 

Works from abroad must be delivered by a responsible officer or delivery office or courier already cleared through customs. During return, works admitted to the exhibition may be picked up personally by the artist, or by a designated person with a proxy, during the opening hours communicated.


Works selected by the jury for inclusion in BID23ART will be excluded from the exhibition in the following cases: If they are received after the indicated delivery terms; If they do not conform to the technical specifications indicated in the submission; If they do not conform to the works indicated and described in the entry phase.


The decision-making on the display and arrangement of the works in the exhibition space resides entirely with the guest curator, according to the curatorial plan.


Submission entries must be received by May 16, 2023 Registration by March 31, 2023 guarantees a subsidized early submission fee (45 euros) Submission after April 1, 2023 through May 16, 2023 is allowed by payment of a late submission fee (80 euros) Works must be uploaded online no later than May 16, 2023, 23:59 CET (Central European Summer Time).


The names of the jury members will be publicly announced on April 8, 2023. A Prize will be awarded by the jury for best in show and announced at a later date. The Prize will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the exhibition.


The selected works will be exhibited within BID23ART in the spaces designated for the exhibition, and always within the city of Trieste.


The authors of the individual works are the exclusive owners of the relative rights of ownership of the works, the originality of which they will vouch for. By participating in the open call, the artists also accept the rules of the call itself, namely the temporary exhibition of the works within the BID23ART exhibition spaces and the use of the same by the organization for promotional activities on social media and publication in the catalog.


A page of the catalog will be dedicated to each artist participating in the BID23ART.

2 copies of the catalog will be reserved for each participating artist.


The organizers, while taking the utmost care of the works received, do not assume any responsibility for any transportation damage, tampering, fire, theft or other causes outside of the event. It is advisable for the artists to acquire insurance against all damages outside of Magazzino 26 - the organization's insurance only covers risks related to the building and its use and does not cover the art works.


The artists are guarantors of the originality of the work they present and, by participating in the BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE DONNA APS in Trieste, they implicitly accept all the rules contained in these regulations, none excluded.


The event will be publicized locally, nationally, and internationally and, to this end, the artists grant the organization the rights to reproduce the images of the works exhibited free of charge.


The information kept in our archive will be used for participation in the exhibition review and for sending information material. There is the possibility of requesting their rectification or cancellation, as provided for by Law 675/96 on the protection of personal data.

For inquiries and more information write to .

A support desk will be available to answer questions in person at the Biennale Internazionale Donna (BID) association specifically for those who need assistance with the online registration process.

Biennale Internazionale Donna