December 2, 2023

8_12_23 / “Niti”

"NITI" at the International Women's Biennale at Warehouse 26 – Old Port of Trieste

Friday, December 8, at 7:00 PM

The International Women's Biennale is pleased to present, as part of the IV edition of the International Women's Biennale with the theme "Breathing with the World" – at Warehouse 26 in the Old Port of Trieste – the exceptional dance performance "Niti," a generational encounter between two prominent authors, Senka Baruška and Jasna Čižmek Tarbuk. Both committed to promoting the advancement of contemporary dance in their respective contexts, the two choreographers, despite coming from different backgrounds in terms of training and aesthetics, share a profound exploration of movement and the meaning of gesture.

Senka Baruška presents a choreography that draws on fragments of her previous works, shaped for specific locations and set to traditional music from the Kvarner region, where the surrounding environment becomes an equal partner for dancers and music. On the other hand, Jasna Čižmek Tarbuk's choreography was born during a residency in Lovran, inspired by the relaxing movement of waves and the music of the handpan. Finally, the authors challenge conventions by exploring more energetic group dynamics based on animal movements, seeking to understand the nature of connections, the ease with which they can be interrupted, and the intrinsic dilemma between aggregation and separation.

We invite you to participate and let yourself be carried away by this extraordinary experience of movement and meaning. INFO: The event is open to everyone. The admission ticket includes the exhibition visit and participation in the "Niti" event.

  • Full ticket: 5 euros
  • Reduced ticket: 3 euros

PROGRAM: 5:50 PM – access to the venue Start at 7:00 PM – Introduction to the International Women's Biennale and presentation of the Fronesis dance company 7:10 PM – start of the show

Where the event takes place: at the Luttazzi hall on the third floor of Warehouse 26 – Old Port, Trieste. How to get there: by bus no. 6 by booking the appropriate stop for the Museum Center, by car from Viale Miramare turning at the roundabout towards Porto Vecchio.

The event is co-organized with the Municipality of Trieste, supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Croatian Consulate.

November 28, 2023

2_12_2023 / Gioco Danza

Dance performance by Carolina Bagnati's students
at the International Women's Biennial
at Magazzino 26 - Porto Vecchio in Trieste
Saturday 2 December, 15:00

BID23ART, the 4th International Women's Biennial Exhibition, in collaboration with the Circolo Duinate, is pleased to present an exceptional Dance Game performance that will take place on Saturday 2 December at 3.00 p.m. at the fascinating spaces of Magazzino 26.
On this unique occasion, the young students of Carolina Bagnati, talented choreographer and dance teacher, will have the opportunity to dance among the extraordinary works of art on display, creating a unique and exciting performance.
The performance promises to transport the audience on a sensory journey, where movement and creativity will blend harmoniously with the surrounding works of art. Viewers will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in this unique experience, capturing the essence of 'BIRTHING WITH THE WORLD' through dance and body expression.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 2 December at 3 p.m. at Magazzino 26 to celebrate together art, creativity and interconnection with the world around us.

The event is open to all.
The entrance ticket to the exhibition includes participation in the show

  • full price 5 euro
  • reduced 3 euro

Where the event takes place
at the Sbisà room on the first floor of Magazzino 26 - Porto Vecchio, Trieste.
How to get there: by bus no. 6, booking the special stop for the Polo Museale, by car from Viale Miramare turning at the roundabout towards Porto Vecchio.

November 19, 2023


at the International Women's Biennial at Magazzino 26 – Porto Vecchio, Trieste Sunday, November 26, at 10:00 AM

BID23ART, the IV International Women's Biennial Exhibition, in collaboration with human resources and communication expert Fabrizio Gherlani, is pleased to present the conference "Women & Company, Women & Profession: Experiences in SMEs in Italy and Around the World."

The corporate world through the lens of women will be explored through testimonials from entrepreneurs in the realms of freelance professions and small to medium-sized Italian enterprises. Here, the presence of women in key roles has proven to be one of the most beneficial situations for ensuring the development and growth of these companies.

Objective data demonstrates that the creativity and natural aptitudes of women, especially within mixed work groups, undeniably contribute a unique perspective, a contribution that many companies still fail to fully understand in today's world.

There often remains a stereotype of the ruthless, family-less female manager, as portrayed in many Hollywood films, reducing the female figure to a mere copy of the male, or alternatively assuming that her dedication to family diminishes the value and importance she places on work and personal success.

The host, with 30 years of experience in personnel selection and corporate and personal consulting, has frequently encountered these prejudices in defining sought-after professional figures. For years, he has advocated for recognition of the truth within the corporate world. Indeed, his CEO colleagues and owners of significant Italian companies have organized the event "Impresa è donna" (Enterprise is Woman), a project delivering a very different message based on their personal stories to cities throughout Italy.

Commencing with commonalities among these five stories, the theme will be further explored through direct testimonials from businesswomen and businessmen, avoiding the pitfalls of self-referential conferences that lack a true connection between these two worlds that, side by side in companies, are heralds of tremendous results.

PROGRAM: 10:00 AM Event Begins - Introduction of Speakers 10:10 AM Introduction by Fabrizio Gherlani 10:20 AM BID Introduction by President Seherzada Ahmetovic, presentation by Laura Di Pinto, Gender Equality Adviser for the Trieste area 10:30 AM Enterprise is Woman – Highlights from the stories of Anna Aulico, Anna Marras, Giada Melis, Micaela Gariboldi, Debora Dirani 11:00 AM Testimony by Paolo Ruggeri presented by Fabrizio Gherlani on the topic "What is the cost to a company of not having women in leadership positions?" 11:15 AM Interview with Italian and foreign businesswomen in attendance 12:00 PM Roundtable with the audience 12:30 PM Conclusion of proceedings and toast with "MON BAN" by Matteo Bisol (TV)

INFO: The event is open to everyone. A guided tour of the exhibition will follow, and the exhibition entrance fee includes participation in the event and the guided tour.

Full ticket: 5 euros

Reduced ticket: 3 euro

Where the event takes place: At the Luttazzi hall on the third floor of Magazzino 26 – Porto Vecchio, Trieste. How to get there: By bus number 6, booking the special stop for the Polo Museale, or by car from Viale Miramare, turning at the roundabout towards Porto Vecchio.

November 19, 2023

24_11_2023 / ART & FOOD

At the International Women's Biennale at Warehouse 26 – Old Port of Trieste Friday, November 24, 6:30 PM

As part of the fourth edition of the International Women's Biennale with the theme "Breathing with the World" at Warehouse 26 in the Old Port of Trieste, the event "Art & Food" is proposed.

Alessandra Spigai, a multidisciplinary artist, presents her works at BID23ART. Her artistic, poetic, and material language reflects the continuous search for the profound meaning of life and human, spiritual, and natural existential identity. Her poetic expression manifests through the turmoil of living and the search for inner evolution, often using symbols, signs, objects, and events in a magical relationship. Her work has been reviewed on various online platforms, highlighting her significant contribution to the contemporary art scene.

Fabiana Romanutti, journalist and editor of QUBÌ, special guest, will introduce her critical vision of the art of catering and present Chef Fabrizio Damiano Casali.

Fabrizio Damiano Casali, the chef of the Margò restaurant at the Hotel Perla in Ravascletto, interprets and translates the works of Alessandra Spigai through his innate talent in creative composition, his distinctive trait. The chef, skilled, courageous, and creative, is famous for the originality and skillful way of enhancing the products of his territory in a synthesis of innovation and tradition that always brings him back to his roots.


The event is open to everyone. The entrance ticket includes the exhibition visit and participation in the "Art & Food" event - cost of 10 euros. The ticket includes the tasting by Chef Fabrizio Damiano Casali, paired with wines selected by the "Borgo delle Rose" winery.


6:30 PM – Start: Introduction to the International Women's Biennale and exhibition visit 7:00 PM – Presentation by Alessandra Spigai, artist 7:30 PM – Fabiana Romanutti introduces Chef Fabrizio Casali 8:00 PM – Tasting of the proposal that the Chef has created inspired by Alessandra Spigai's artwork

Where the event takes place: At the Sbisà hall on the first floor of Warehouse 26 – Old Port, Trieste. How to get there: By bus No. 6, booking the specific stop for the Museum Center, by car from Viale Miramare turning at the roundabout towards Porto Vecchio.

November 17, 2023

19+26_11_2023 / Creative Workshop for Children

Art for adults as well as for the very young, art that welcomes and involves even the very youngest to bring them closer to the creative world and culture.

BID 23 offers two creative workshops curated by the artist Nataša Gregorič Nabhas.
"PUNTO. POINT. PUNTO." - (PIKA.PIKA.) Slovenian, (DOT.DOT.) English.

Sunday 19 November, 10:30 a.m.
Sunday 26 November, 15:30

This initiative aims to inspire creativity and introduce young people to the fascinating world of art.

BID23ART is committed to providing an educational and fun environment to nurture children's artistic talents.

The recommended age for the workshop is 6 years and up, and children must be accompanied by their parents.

The two workshops cost €5 per workshop and reservations are required by emailing

For further information here the press release:

November 17, 2023

17_11_2023 / Gender Equality in the Work, Social and Cultural Sector: Norms and Initiatives to Overcome Gender Differences

On Friday 17 November at 5.30 p.m., the exhibition 'Breathing with the World' will host an equal opportunities talk entitled:

"Gender Equality in the Work, Social and Cultural Sector: Norms and Initiatives for Overcoming Gender Differences".

A side event that aims to promote an innovative approach: Gender Equality as a Foundation for an Equal Society in all its aspects, from the world of work to the social and cultural spheres. The main objective is to overcome the barriers that still persist in many societies, allowing everyone access to equal opportunities.
A talk that finds its innovation in confrontation and that aims to highlight not only the discrimination present in the female world but to equalise this gender difficulty for both. Gender Equality in the Work, Social and Cultural Sector: Norms and Initiatives to Overcome Gender Differences.

November 4, 2023


As part of the 4th International Women's Biennial with the theme 'Breathing with the World', a free listening service with professional psychologists will be offered for the first time.

The project aims to offer a moment of respite to those who feel oppressed in a world characterised by various sources of anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotional response to situations of stress or worry. Today, people are often exposed to numerous stressful stimuli, such as work pressure, financial problems, pandemics, and more. Contemporary anxiety can manifest itself in different ways and affect mental and physical health.

Eco-anxiety, which affects more and more young people, is a form of anxiety related to concerns about the environment and climate change. Many people feel anxious about the uncertainty of the future caused by global environmental problems such as pollution, global warming and loss of biodiversity.

Often, contemporary culture promotes extreme productivity and time maximisation, leading people to feel inadequate if they cannot cope with an ever-increasing work and commitment load. The concept of 'time anxiety' or 'time famine' can be rooted in various aspects of modern life, such as work, family commitments, social expectations and digital technologies that constantly put us in touch with others and external demands. The constant feeling of having to deal with too many things in a limited amount of time can have serious mental and physical health consequences. Chronic time anxiety can lead to disorders such as generalised anxiety, burnout, insomnia and even heart disease. To combat time anxiety, people can try to introduce strategies into their lives such as meditation, relaxation, delegation of tasks, work-life balance and the practice of self-care. On a broader level, there may be cultural changes needed to deal with 'time anxiety', such as a review of expectations at work, a greater emphasis on mental well-being and a reduction in the pressure to be constantly productive.

The Art in the Art of Listening project aims to offer a temporary refuge where people can take time to relax, breathe and share their states of mind with experienced professionals.

In this context, Art promotes mindfulness, i.e. being fully present in the moment, allowing people to distance themselves from anxious time-related thoughts and focus on the creative act itself.

The project, therefore, aims at an individual path as well as a collective path with group activities, leading to a broader awareness, involving different spheres, companies in primis to seek different approaches and offer more welcoming working environments.

The meetings will take place in the dedicated space within the exhibition, at Magazzino 26 in Porto Vecchio in Trieste.

You can book a session with one of the participating professional psychologists directly at the link below:

October 27, 2023


On 28 October 2023 at 5 p.m., against the backdrop of the exhibition 'Respirare con il mondo / Breathing with the world', Italian actress Sara Alzetta will stage a wonderful play, this time as director:

IN FUGA libera me domine, libera nos a malo.

A flight of voices telling their own story. In search of light or perdition.
On the run.

From 4.30 p.m. you can buy your ticket to view the exhibition together with this event, which will provide a very special key to understanding the space and the works that will host it.

October 21, 2023


The Magazzino 26 at the Old Port of Trieste will once again serve as the backdrop for artistic events this year. Starting from October 28, 2023, it will host the exhibition "Breathing with the World," a part of the International Women's Biennale in its fourth edition.

This is a urban regeneration project where art and culture collaborate to breathe new life into symbolic spaces in the city of Trieste. The International Women's Biennale will kick off with a collateral event that, starting this year, will involve the entire city of Trieste. All cultural spaces are united in a shared and inclusive event, where art, music, and culture will culminate in a series of continuous events leading up to the biennial closing.

From September 28 to October 22, collateral events will take place in Piazza della Libertà in preparation for the grand event on October 28: the International Women's Biennale. Preceded by a press conference on October 25, 2023, dedicated to journalists and industry professionals, and an invitation-only opening on October 27, it will pave the way for the public opening on:

October 28, 2023

You can reserve your entrance for the inauguration by emailing . The Biennale will remain open every weekend from October 28 to January 7, 2024, to welcome all of you, from Thursday to Sunday.

Practical information


Magazzino 26
Porto Vecchio, viale Miramare
34100 - Trieste
Google map link: here


Free parking is available nearby. Here the link.


from 28th October 2023 to 7th January 2024


thursday 10-13 / 16-19
friday 16-21
saturday, sunday & holidays 10-19


The entrance ticket costs 5 euro. The reduced ticket for students and over 65s costs 3 euros.

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Biennale Internazionale Donna
Via San Giorgio 1
34123 Trieste, Italy
T: +39.350.59.73.535

President: Šeherzada Ahmetović
Curator: Eunice Tsang
Press & Media BID: Francesca Carmellino
Press & Media relations: Federica Zar - Aps comunicazione

September 27, 2023


In Piazza Libertà, the RTE Group project in anticipation of BID23ART

Exploring the transformative potential of an urban space through an object: this is the purpose of the "Seed Mirror" installation in the former Sala Tripcovich area in Piazza della Libertà in Trieste, which is generating a lot of curiosity among citizens.

"This is an urban planning study," says architect Caterina Rosso, a young entrepreneur from RTE Group and project manager for "Seed," revealing the synergy with the Biennale Internazionale Donna BID23ART, scheduled from October 28 to January 7 at Magazzino 26. "It aims to imagine possible future scenarios for this important place, which could acquire significant relevance in the coming years due to its strategic location at the entrance to the city and the Porto Vecchio, a passage point for tourists arriving from the train station and bus terminal, as well as the nearby parking lot."

"Seed Mirror" as an object possesses high aesthetic value, which alone makes it attractive; its reflective surfaces arouse curiosity and engagement, encouraging interaction with passersby, citizens, and tourists.

"The module is the result of the creative and technological research of our team of professionals," explains Caterina Rosso, "to interpret and define the emotions of living, balancing function and aesthetics, with a particular focus on sustainability and the reduction of polluting emissions."

The initiative was conceived and realized by architect Šeherzada Ahmetović, President of the Biennale Internazionale Donna, in co-organization with the Municipality of Trieste, in anticipation of BID23ART. "Seed Mirror" will be an "object" capable of telling a story and, at the same time, outlining a future vision of how to live in the city and inhabit spaces. It will be the starting point for exploring new perspectives through targeted events dedicated to urban regeneration, with the aim of contributing to the cultural and aesthetic renewal of Trieste, promoting dialogue between architecture, art, and the community.

RTE Group is the holding company that brings together various expressions of the entrepreneurial inclination of the Rosso family, active for over 50 years. The core business is construction, with a strong focus on technological innovation, training, diversification, and gender equality. It is from this vision that the "Seed" project originated, following the suggestion to "transform imagination into reality."

RTE Group Press Office / Federica Zar

Biennale Internazionale Donna