at the International Women's Biennial at Magazzino 26 – Porto Vecchio, Trieste Sunday, November 26, at 10:00 AM

BID23ART, the IV International Women's Biennial Exhibition, in collaboration with human resources and communication expert Fabrizio Gherlani, is pleased to present the conference "Women & Company, Women & Profession: Experiences in SMEs in Italy and Around the World."

The corporate world through the lens of women will be explored through testimonials from entrepreneurs in the realms of freelance professions and small to medium-sized Italian enterprises. Here, the presence of women in key roles has proven to be one of the most beneficial situations for ensuring the development and growth of these companies.

Objective data demonstrates that the creativity and natural aptitudes of women, especially within mixed work groups, undeniably contribute a unique perspective, a contribution that many companies still fail to fully understand in today's world.

There often remains a stereotype of the ruthless, family-less female manager, as portrayed in many Hollywood films, reducing the female figure to a mere copy of the male, or alternatively assuming that her dedication to family diminishes the value and importance she places on work and personal success.

The host, with 30 years of experience in personnel selection and corporate and personal consulting, has frequently encountered these prejudices in defining sought-after professional figures. For years, he has advocated for recognition of the truth within the corporate world. Indeed, his CEO colleagues and owners of significant Italian companies have organized the event "Impresa è donna" (Enterprise is Woman), a project delivering a very different message based on their personal stories to cities throughout Italy.

Commencing with commonalities among these five stories, the theme will be further explored through direct testimonials from businesswomen and businessmen, avoiding the pitfalls of self-referential conferences that lack a true connection between these two worlds that, side by side in companies, are heralds of tremendous results.

PROGRAM: 10:00 AM Event Begins - Introduction of Speakers 10:10 AM Introduction by Fabrizio Gherlani 10:20 AM BID Introduction by President Seherzada Ahmetovic, presentation by Laura Di Pinto, Gender Equality Adviser for the Trieste area 10:30 AM Enterprise is Woman – Highlights from the stories of Anna Aulico, Anna Marras, Giada Melis, Micaela Gariboldi, Debora Dirani 11:00 AM Testimony by Paolo Ruggeri presented by Fabrizio Gherlani on the topic "What is the cost to a company of not having women in leadership positions?" 11:15 AM Interview with Italian and foreign businesswomen in attendance 12:00 PM Roundtable with the audience 12:30 PM Conclusion of proceedings and toast with "MON BAN" by Matteo Bisol (TV)

INFO: The event is open to everyone. A guided tour of the exhibition will follow, and the exhibition entrance fee includes participation in the event and the guided tour.

Full ticket: 5 euros

Reduced ticket: 3 euro

Where the event takes place: At the Luttazzi hall on the third floor of Magazzino 26 – Porto Vecchio, Trieste. How to get there: By bus number 6, booking the special stop for the Polo Museale, or by car from Viale Miramare, turning at the roundabout towards Porto Vecchio.