At the International Women's Biennale at Warehouse 26 – Old Port of Trieste Friday, November 24, 6:30 PM

As part of the fourth edition of the International Women's Biennale with the theme "Breathing with the World" at Warehouse 26 in the Old Port of Trieste, the event "Art & Food" is proposed.

Alessandra Spigai, a multidisciplinary artist, presents her works at BID23ART. Her artistic, poetic, and material language reflects the continuous search for the profound meaning of life and human, spiritual, and natural existential identity. Her poetic expression manifests through the turmoil of living and the search for inner evolution, often using symbols, signs, objects, and events in a magical relationship. Her work has been reviewed on various online platforms, highlighting her significant contribution to the contemporary art scene.

Fabiana Romanutti, journalist and editor of QUBÌ, special guest, will introduce her critical vision of the art of catering and present Chef Fabrizio Damiano Casali.

Fabrizio Damiano Casali, the chef of the Margò restaurant at the Hotel Perla in Ravascletto, interprets and translates the works of Alessandra Spigai through his innate talent in creative composition, his distinctive trait. The chef, skilled, courageous, and creative, is famous for the originality and skillful way of enhancing the products of his territory in a synthesis of innovation and tradition that always brings him back to his roots.


The event is open to everyone. The entrance ticket includes the exhibition visit and participation in the "Art & Food" event - cost of 10 euros. The ticket includes the tasting by Chef Fabrizio Damiano Casali, paired with wines selected by the "Borgo delle Rose" winery.


6:30 PM – Start: Introduction to the International Women's Biennale and exhibition visit 7:00 PM – Presentation by Alessandra Spigai, artist 7:30 PM – Fabiana Romanutti introduces Chef Fabrizio Casali 8:00 PM – Tasting of the proposal that the Chef has created inspired by Alessandra Spigai's artwork

Where the event takes place: At the Sbisà hall on the first floor of Warehouse 26 – Old Port, Trieste. How to get there: By bus No. 6, booking the specific stop for the Museum Center, by car from Viale Miramare turning at the roundabout towards Porto Vecchio.