Art for adults as well as for the very young, art that welcomes and involves even the very youngest to bring them closer to the creative world and culture.

BID 23 offers two creative workshops curated by the artist Nataša Gregorič Nabhas.
"PUNTO. POINT. PUNTO." - (PIKA.PIKA.) Slovenian, (DOT.DOT.) English.

Sunday 19 November, 10:30 a.m.
Sunday 26 November, 15:30

This initiative aims to inspire creativity and introduce young people to the fascinating world of art.

BID23ART is committed to providing an educational and fun environment to nurture children's artistic talents.

The recommended age for the workshop is 6 years and up, and children must be accompanied by their parents.

The two workshops cost €5 per workshop and reservations are required by emailing

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