Respirare con il mondo / Breathing with the World

The theme of this years exhibition loosely refers to a poetic image by Rainer Maria Rilke, from one of his Sonnets to Orpheus (1923). Concerned with the relationship of art and poetry to life, Rilke sought to show poetry's power to transmute problems of existence and to justify reality.

This group show aims to explore the multiple ways in which contemporary women artists innovatively interrogate their relationship to the world, in its broadest sense, where the outer world is closely intertwined with the inner one. “Breathing”, with its ability to inspire us, suggests a movement of openness toward unexplored ways of connecting with the world. Hence the world may be explored as a temporal and spatial dimension, as a social and cultural dimension, as a natural dimension in which all living beings are part — where we no longer look at the world through an exclusive anthropocentric approach but with the awareness of being just one of the myriad forms of life which inhabit it and which we need to respect.

Breath, thou invisible poem!
Pure space of the world, with our being
Endlessly exchanged. Counterweight
In which my rhythm is enacted.
Unique wave of which I from time to time am the sea;
Space that is conquered.
How many parts of these spaces were already within me.

This biennale aims to bring together a wide range of visions across generations, cultural backgrounds and a variety of media. Historically a crossroads of "passages" and encounters, a city animated by the wide "breath" of the sea, Trieste seems the ideal place for this exhibition which, poetically evoking the theme of élan vital (the intuitive perception of experience and the flow of inner time), intends to celebrate the creative power of transformation and the ability of art to express hope in the future while simultaneously investigating dimensions of ambivalence, criticality and uncertainty.

Biennale Internazionale Donna