Promoted by the Municipality of Trieste, the BID Association and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, BID21 Biennale Internazionale Donna is a contemporary art event aimed at female artists which will be held in Trieste, at the Magazzino 26 of Porto Vecchio, from May 15 to July 18, 2021 (depending on Covid protection measures).

The curator of BID21 is Gabriela von Habsburg, an international sculptress, with the help of an advisory committee composed of experts from different sectors of the contemporary art world: Pamela Berry, Karmen Corak, Luisa De Marinis, Barbara Luisi, Victoria Ogley, while the architect Giulia Decorti is in charge of the exhibition set-up project.

The BID board member is composed by Šeherzada AhmetovićMirela AhmetovićIsabella ArtioliAntonella CaroliSvetlana KlincicLucia Starace.

BID21 focuses on the theme of “Silent Transformations” according to the interpretation of the philosopher and sinologist François Jullien, who in the text “Les transformations silencieuses” (2009) highlights the phenomenon of the slow and imperceptible transformation of reality that occurs before our eyes.
The exhibition aims to present the expressive abilities of the artists in transforming these changes into a universal language, captured from an intimate and emotional, symbolic, relational or environmental point of view, through the different artistic languages of painting, sculpture, applied arts, photography, video, installations and performance art.

As part of BID21, a group of selected artists will also be presented, invited by the curator and the advisory committee on the basis of the chosen theme.